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Child Support

Whichever parent has primary physical custody of their children will receive child support which is calculated by a complex series of factors created by the Georgia Legislature. The Child Support Worksheets allow for substantial interpretation. We will work with you to ensure that the true financial situation of the family is reflected in this document which must be filed in every case.

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As a parent you have the right to seek an increase or decrease in child support every two years. While you may have given up some rights when you signed a settlement agreement, this right is rarely forfeited.

The "new" child support guidelines enacted in 2007 and changed as recently as July 1, 2014 allow the court to consider both parents income and earning ability when determining child support. Parents also receive credit for insurance they provide for the children and may have their support adjusted for other extraordinary expenses for their children.

A sample child support worksheet can be found here.

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